Veronite is a multitude of platforms brought together to initiate a unique online experience to enhance the lives of crypto currency adopters.

There are so many different coins being introduced daily which contribute no intrinsic value within the cryptocurrency environment. They offer the same format of wallets, exchange’s and master nodes, if that.

Veronite combines real world applications that can potentially alter a person’s life for the better.
Veronite aims to be a leading online platform where ideas can be exchanged, passions can be expressed, investments can be sought and purchases can be made.

Veronite is a Cryptonote currency which incorporates safety, privacy and fast transaction times as well as being low cost.
Veronite or XVV is here to make our lives simpler and safer.


Problems with cryptocurrency today

Cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin which is still the leading cryptocurrency of today. One of the biggest problems in the world of cryptocurrency is that there is no use for it in modern society. Even though blockchain technology is great and innovative, the biggest use case for it currently is trading.

Bitcoin and others alike can also compromise your privacy, cost a fortune to send and have slow transaction times.

How will we solve these problems?

Veronite aims to bring real life usage to cryptocurrency with the Veronite brand. Veronite will implement a number of platforms where $XVV will be used as a private payment. With Veronite you will never have to worry about your privacy being compromised. Transaction times and fees are much less.

• Algorithm Cryptonight-Heavy ASIC Resistant
• Total Supply 24 million total supply
• Block Time 60 Seconds Difficulty adjusted every block
• Emission Scheme Linear Emission
• Premine 10 %

No venture comes without cost, there are upfront costs and perpetual costs involved.
These costs range from marketing and development to legal and community involvement.
The pre-mine ensures the continuity of the project in building this unique environment for the community and the ongoing growth of the Veronite coin and its platform.

Veronite has focused itself towards certain key channels:


Whilst implementing the highest security measures for ones privacy by using ringct12 with Veronite and creating a high quality cryptocurrency which can be traded and exchanged at high transaction speeds. The maximum supply will never be more than 24 million $XVV in existence.

Veronite is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency and can be mined using the Cryptonight Heavy algorithm.

Veronite will be utilized across all the channels in a seamless transfer of wealth from willing sellers and buyers alike in each aspect of the platforms.


By creating an advertising exchange where people can earn Veronite as well as creating options for level banner mining and content monetization, we can deliver to a vast sphere of people across the globe. By using Veronite Ad Network to embed targeted ads on your site, you can gain $XVV every time it’s being clicked on or viewed by your visitors. This could in turn potentially grow in value over time as the Veronite Brand gains more features and value.


Whilst offering products like website addons for sales and subscriptions to build your online revenue stream, we can also involve sites such as WordPress and joomla. In this way a young start up or even a mature business can take advantage of the expertise of these companies under one convenient brand.The Veronite Brand.


The Hive Platform is a special use case where startups have the ability to showcase themselves and possibly enter into partnerships with interested parties. Where Angel Investors can set certain criteria for the next entrepreneurial success story.
Freelancers can offer quality services for interested parties and people with content can derive sales for their products.


With Veronite Mail you will be offered a secure and anonymous email platform. We will not require any sensitive data when you register a new email. Please note that this platform cannot be used for illegal activities and we will have an active report system in place to get rid of such accounts.


Veronite Drive is a platform for you to store your files securely and anonymously. We will not require any of your personal details.

This will come with a free and premium service. You will be able to store 5GB of data for free. Our premium service will range from 500GB to 10 Terabytes of storage with unlimited bandwidth downloads.


Quarter 3 – 2018

  • Launch Mainnet
  • Launch Mining pool
  • Launch GUI and CLI wallet
  • Launch Veronite Drive

Quarter 4 – 2018

  • Launch Veronite Mail
  • Marketing capaign starts for Veronite Mail

Quarter 1 – 2019

  • Launch Veronite Hive Platform
  • Launch Veronite Commerce
  • Marketing campaign round two

Quarter 3 – 2019

  • Launch Veronite Ad Network
  • Round three of marketing starts
  • Mobile wallets

By implementing the above products and more, Veronite will create a leading online platform engineered to catapult cryptocurrency users into the future of the Veronite brand.