Hello Veronite! Today is Veronite Drive day!

With Veronite Drive we will have an airdrop.

Here is how you can participate in the airdrop. Register and verify your account on https://drive.veronite.space after you are registered, you can now send us a message on Discord or Telegram. In the message, send your email address and wallet address. Airdrop ends 27 Aug 2018.

Feel free to upload a file and help us stress test the server. The script is not fully completed as we will still implement account upgrades with XVV and Veronite Mail in Quarter 4 2018.

We are already working on Veronite Mail.

Exchange update – We know everyone wants to know when will XVV be on exchange. One of our community members contacted TradeOgre to list Veronite, and TradeOgre stated that the code might be exploitable like many other Cryptonote currencies. We the contacted them to ask where we are explotable. We have gotten kind responses from TradeOgre and we are working now to rebase some of the code as we were not aware of these exploits. (Working on dev branch on Github) After these fixes are done, Veronite will be on TradeOgre.