Greetings Veronite!

September Update is here! Here we will give you an update on progress and things to come.

Veronite Drive

Veronite Drive has been running for more than a month now without any major problems. The bugs for maximum file uploads have been fixed. We have also received a complaint as one of the links were seen as spam, we have moved forward whitelisting the domain and we will implement spam protection in the upcoming updates. We have a total of 129 active users. And 341 GB of total storage has been used.

Veronite Mail

While working on Veronite mail, our team has thought of a few things how we can be better than just your standard mail platform. Our main goal is security and privacy on this platform. We are exploring different ways of making Veronite Mail better than standard mail.

  • Making Veronite Mail and Drive one platform where you can send/receive emails and upload/download your files without leaving the platform
  • Unique spam protection while still leaving our users privacy intact
  • We are open to more suggestions of what to implement in Veronite Mail


While the views are different of our community when Veronite should be listed on an exchange, we do believe that it has come to a point where exchanges have become the talking point of our community.

Nicholaus, our community moderator has been working on a donation fund for exchanges and we would like to thank him for what he has done so far even with all the negativity. These coins have been handed over and will form part of the presale. Thanks to everyone adding to the fund including two community pools ( and

We will add 300 000 XVV to the exchange fund

For us as the developers of Veronite, an exchange was not something we wanted to rush into and thus why we did not include exchange listings on our roadmap.

We have now come to a point where we would like to get the exchange listing out of the way. The only way for us to currently do this is by having a presale of some of the premine “coins”.  We also don’t want Veronite listed on exchanges with no volume as that won’t be good for the currency and we never know when the exchange can run away with everyone’s funds.

Going forward we would sell off some of the premine coins and those that want to help getting Veronite listed on an exchange can contribute by buying coins from CrazyNate on Discord or Vero Nite on Telegram. Please private message us on Twitter/Telegram/Discord with any offers you would like to make. (CrazyNate on Discord and Vero Nite on Telegram) for accountability purposes only these 2 accounts are dealing with the sale.


Veronite has been rebased to Monero, and we have implemented the bug fix from Monero.