Greetings Veronite!

Here is your update for October

Veronite Mail

Veronite Mail is processing well and it should be available in November. The only reason it’s not released yet is that we are testing some security issues as we do not want people’s information out in the open. We want Veronite Mail to be your “go to” mail provider.

Veronite Drive

Veronite Dirve has been stable, and the growth has been great. In October Veronite Drive gained 88 new users. We have been looking on adding features to this script and will do so after Veronite Mail has been released.

Exchange news

Veronite has applied to CREX24 for listing Veronite. No feedback has been given to us as yet, as soon as we receive feedback and CREX24 is happy to list Veronite, we will go forward with the listing. We only applied to CREX24 as the community wanted a place to trade. We have not heard back from TradeOgre as we mentioned before.