Greetings Veronite Community, it’s been a while but this gave us time to think over what we can change with Veronite.

  • The community has had some mixed reactions with the products that are not running on the blockchain (This is what Veronite was developed on from the start)
  • Confusion over exchanges and the fact that most of the community did not want to rush into a listing. The developers want to wait till all products have reached completion.
What we have decided is to make Veronite more blockchain related and to focus developments on the blockchain. Over the next weeks we will be working on moving Veronite over to a new codebase, the Haven fork has proved troublesome and requires a lot of work. It would in fact be simpler to make a snapshot of the current Veronite blockchain, and chain the Veronite code completely.
We would like to move away from Cryptonight Heavy, adding Service Nodes on the blockchain and create Veronite applications on the blockchain instead for everyone to use. This would help stabilize the Veronite network in many ways too. These changes won’t happen tomorrow, but it will surely happen in Q4 of 2018.
As for exchanges, we as a team will pay for an exchange listing in December or early January as we need to get the code change out of the way first. We will not discuss the exchange listing right now as we don’t think it’s important.
In order to move to blockchain related products we will have to unfortunately discontinue the current drive and whilst a lot of work has been put into creating the Veronite Drive, we do believe this is the best course of action moving forward for the Veronite coin.
We would like to thank the members of the community who have made use of the Drive till now and also to apologize for the inconvenience of removing your data. Please move your data to an alternative platform.
What comes next for Veronite
  • First we will have to change the Veronite Codebase
  • Change the mining algorithm
  • List Veronite on an exchange December/January
  • Add Service Nodes to the Veronite blockchain
  • Start development on the Veronite blockchain
  • Host Community based decentralized applications
  • Start Veronite based blockchain applications

We believe this is what the Veronite community would want. We will be giving more updates from now on to let the community know about the current progress. This decision was not made lightly.