Veronite is a multi platform cryptocurrency brand for the future.

Think big, think Veronite!



Private and secure transactions using the Cryptonote Protocol. Enforced RingCT 12 for your total anonymity!
Community is of paramount importance to the future of the Veronite brand.
Fast transactions with a block time of 60 seconds. Veronite uses a linear emission pattern.
Veronite uses Cryptonote Protocol with Cryptonight heavy implemented to always stay ASIC resistant.

Mission Statement

To inspire and implement solutions for the cryptocurrency environment. Veronite aims to be the leading online platform encompassing a multitude of different applications under one roof. The Veronite brand aims to be at the leading edge of multi platform use. 

Solidifying the Veronite brand across the globe with privacy being of paramount importance. We believe that cryptocurrency is the future of wealth transfer and we plan to make use of the elements involving cryptocurrency. 


Private cryptocurrency with fast transactions. Haven fork base. Ringct 12

Veronite Ad Network

Veronite Ad Network gives publishers the opportunity to earn $XVV for their content.

Veronite Drive

Veronite Drive is a private file storage platform where your privacy wont be compromised.

Veronite Hive Platform

Freelancing, angel investors and content sales all in one place.

Veronite Mail

Have your own email address without revealing private information, you have the power to stay anonymous.

Veronite Commerce

With Veronite Commerce you will be able to receive $XVV and other cryptocurrencies for your online store.



November 2018 Update

Greetings Veronite Community, it's been a while but this gave us time to think over what we can change with Veronite. The community has had some mixed reactions with the products that are not running on the blockchain (This is what Veronite was developed on from the...

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October Update

Greetings Veronite! Here is your update for October Veronite Mail Veronite Mail is processing well and it should be available in November. The only reason it’s not released yet is that we are testing some security issues as we do not want people’s information out in...

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September 2018 Update

Greetings Veronite! September Update is here! Here we will give you an update on progress and things to come. Veronite Drive Veronite Drive has been running for more than a month now without any major problems. The bugs for maximum file uploads have been fixed. We...

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Please use Veronite community pools.

Decentralization is important to us!

Veronite Drive is a platform for you to store your files securely and anonymously. We will not require any of your personal details.


QUARTER 3 - 2018


  • Launch Mainnet
  • Launch Mining pool
  • Launch GUI and CLI wallet
  • Launch Veronite Drive
QUARTER 4 - 2018
  • Launch Veronite Mail
  • Marketing campaign starts for Veronite Mail
QUARTER 1 - 2019
  • Launch Veronite Hive Platform
  • Launch Veronite Commerce
  • Marketing campaign round two
QUARTER 3 - 2019
  • Launch Veronite Ad Network
  • Round three of marketing starts
  • Mobile wallets