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kissy kat
You always play my favorite slot machine. Four Queens has a machine by the cage and the bar area that hits often. I do best around midnight. Don't know why. Lol
Comment from : kissy kat

You were very patient with that machine. A lot of people, including myself might have walked away & not won. But you didn't & you won. Nice job!
Comment from : Smoothboxnailer

Wilma Flores
Comment from : Wilma Flores

missy schultz
Not at Calder in Miami gardens u never win big
Comment from : missy schultz

Soy Eloso73
I am about 1.5 hours from penchanga casino and am going I the weekend but i will play the $0.25 machines.. 😁
Comment from : Soy Eloso73

Geniale Lanzo
Any games likes slots is pure 100 percent luck
Comment from : Geniale Lanzo

Mario Martinez
Just won Tuesday in twin arrows casino got blue 7 double 7 blue double diamond it was 1200 love that machine you have to play max
Comment from : Mario Martinez

Gabriel Zapata
Yeah ok, you hit some nice ones, but it's like hurry, hurry! Homeboy pull the handle every once in a while, have a Cold One and chill Homes, gezzz! AZ!
Comment from : Gabriel Zapata

Well done. A great video to watch. Difficult to know when to quit whilst you're head. I would have stopped playing when you received the first big win but you continued playing and won a lot more. Again, well done. A great video. These games are quite addictive. You certainly caught this machine at the right time. I'm always getting on those machines which rarely pay out a thing. Doesn't stop me playing these machines in the hope that one day I'll get lucky!
Comment from : PAUL ROLLINGS

Uncle Rudy
Nice Hit AK ! Congrats ! Uncle Rudy
Comment from : Uncle Rudy

Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
Sonttt78 transformation.
Susan Davis Marriage supper.

Comment from : Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!

Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
Susan Davis Marriage supper of the lamb, sontttu78 transformation vids from God.

Read kjv Bible daily, have relationship Intimacy time with God only, ask for holy ghost (revival r traps) keep God's ten commandments. Repent hell is real.

Rfid chips small fit in anything, don't let anyone put anything in or on you or kids like shots medical tattoos surgeries etc repent hell is real.let no man deceive you.

Comment from : Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!

OrtonFan WWE
Double Diamond strike is consistant but u gotta play a while from my experience
Comment from : OrtonFan WWE

William Debianchi
Oh I love that machine in the non smoking section
Comment from : William Debianchi

Good win! Just subscribed to your channel. I've been trying my luck on my channel also. Keep it up.
Comment from : IamThamm

Sue Siino
That was Fantastic and entertaining. Good show.👍
Comment from : Sue Siino

Bobby Madera
GREAT PLAYER that's the WAY TO do it congratulation STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND
Comment from : Bobby Madera

Manuel Gomez
Boring, please talk next time
Comment from : Manuel Gomez

Krystal Goldsby
Great win
Comment from : Krystal Goldsby

nice win
Comment from : spider88able

Patrick Negro
Yes.I am lucky also but I see many people lose money.Not for everyone.Even I have to cut down even if I am winning.Thanks for advice!
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Nice win, as usual. So nice to watch you play the $1 3-reel slots. Keep it up and keep winning!
Comment from : jwoodjapan

Philip Quinn
love the old school 3 reels, thanks so very much
Comment from : Philip Quinn

Seem like that last spin shouldve been more!!
Because whe u got a mix of 3 (7's ) it was 60, so 3 (7's) with double would be 480 so how 2 (7's) with double and double strike wasnt more

Comment from : MrHood1980

Robert Viveiros
Love this game. My local casino has the $10 version and the prizes are ridiculously high. Def a favorite of mine. Good luck 🍀
Comment from : Robert Viveiros

Toys T
How do you do that?
Comment from : Toys T

Corey Gigoux
The house almost wins but yet again it was beaten .
Comment from : Corey Gigoux

Comment from : VANBEAR SLOTS

Carlospg Prz gmz
Comment from : Carlospg Prz gmz

I am going to to play this machine
Comment from : beemmeupjack

William Braden
Comment from : William Braden

Major Peterson
Comment from : Major Peterson

Nice, congrats!!
Comment from : JUDY S

Ala Papalagi
Hey what is your secret? I want to win like this haha
Do you keep thinking positive?
Do you feel good about a machine first to play it?
Or are you just an awesome player? Please tell... I’m going to the casino in a bit here in AZ and I am going to play this machine

Comment from : Ala Papalagi

Wow, thought the payout would have been more.
Comment from : fourthqtrplayer

love your vids
Comment from : milcmaster

SilverBeerNuts !
Congratulations!.....Again and again and again and again! lol! You are wonderful! Thanks for making me a believer! Kiss!
Comment from : SilverBeerNuts !

thomas washington
Nice session as always!
Comment from : thomas washington

Gambit King714
Comment from : Gambit King714

Keith Masumoto
Comment from : Keith Masumoto

Hey, it's little but your still making money. That's enough to pay a car note and bills; the way I see things.
Comment from : BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5

slot machine luv
I won $800 on this slot with two double and a 7 .long tume ago and used to love it .Nice hit ar the end
Comment from : slot machine luv

Tiffany Mills Slot Channel
Great video!!! You keep that bank rolling! Love watching
Comment from : Tiffany Mills Slot Channel

D Nonya
Awesome!!!! Congrats Akafuji 🤗💜💜
Comment from : D Nonya

Catherine Linder
So nice to watch. Very nice win. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Joe John
you plaayd $300 to win $480 LOL
Comment from : Joe John

Jim Panella Rhino Slots
Played this same machine in Vegas at the New Strat - It was a 5 cent machine got lucky wining 4,000 Nickels - Peace
Comment from : Jim Panella Rhino Slots

My favorite slot machine. I just hit a jackpot on this machine in Vegas. Getting ready to go on a cruise this week so I’m anxious to see if I can win on a cruise ship. I’ve heard the odds are not great. Love watching your videos. You are one persistent woman!!! ❤️
Comment from : Cinnamongirl

Model Blue42
Comment from : Model Blue42

Psychic Gambler
I like this game. It’s a toughie but it can pay off. Glad it did ❤️😘
Comment from : Psychic Gambler

great win I'm going to the casino's in April I hope to play this type of machine.
Comment from : lovonrun

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