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Kaye Donald
It just goes to show that you don't have to bet big to win big. Well done and keep on smiling.
Comment from : Kaye Donald

Duggle Bogey
For too long I thought those champagne glasses were corn dogs 😂
Comment from : Duggle Bogey

Draža Bogos
Cool channel, extra.. Beautiful woman.. Heloo from Belgrade... More videoooooo 💖💪💪
Comment from : Draža Bogos

Jim Ellison
Comment from : Jim Ellison

Neal Richards
For a female slots player, she seems normal & skinny. Normally female gamblers are jaded.
Comment from : Neal Richards

cool channel, thanks
Comment from : DesertDawg1958

That one symbol looks like a tooth.
Comment from : susieturk1

Great live show last night!!!
Comment from : flipflopsneeded

Brett Wilson
I realised you look like a cross between Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams
Comment from : Brett Wilson

David’s World 71512
Comment from : David’s World 71512

Slot Lover
I like that bachelor slot because there is so much random stuff that can happen. Reminds of the old Lord of the Rings. Where was this? I've only ever seen it at the Cosmo.
Comment from : Slot Lover

Wine Soup
Is it just me or the video seems to be moving quite faster than usual? (and the slot machine too?)
Comment from : Wine Soup

Shawn Stanfield
No wonder the bachelor stays single. Girls want money. Not roses. Dumbass
Comment from : Shawn Stanfield

James Payne's Scratch & Chat
Hey nice win there $300 isn't bad, keep it up
Comment from : James Payne's Scratch & Chat

John Reyes
Nice win Sarah 👏 10x came through towards the end of your session. As for the Bachelor not enough 🌹 but decent random features. Good luck Sarah 🎰😁
Comment from : John Reyes

cmaronr maroni
Slot Lay (Sarah). Love the videos. Can’t wait for you to hit it big. “One of your biggest fans”,♥️♥️♥️🍀🍀💲
Comment from : cmaronr maroni

I thought it was kind of funny here you are a woman, wanting a rose from the Bachelor. :)
Comment from : Lebofilms

Begoodto Yourself
Congrats Sarah!  Just wondering if you have a "rule" for putting an extra 100$ in a machine??
Comment from : Begoodto Yourself

Aaron Woods
Much like the tv show that game sucks!!
Comment from : Aaron Woods

Dustin Dent
Bachelor game was very sour. Even those 3 Bonus's, betting $5 a spin, should have paid more, but, if Gambling was easy, we'd all be rich. Still a good video.
Comment from : Dustin Dent

Patrick Mcquello
Wow 21k subs! I can tell you how you'd hit 100k real quick!😉
Comment from : Patrick Mcquello

Joel Nasdaq
10 TIMES is my all time favorite slot machine because it deals with mathematics!
I wish 10X machines had little calculators hooked to them
so I could figure out this equation ---> (½ x ¼) ÷ 4 + 776.96875 = ?

Comment from : Joel Nasdaq

I just love the old school 3 reel slots.
Comment from : Shui

Rican Bee
Comment from : Rican Bee

Lyle Barnard
The Bachelor machine sucked x 10 machine all good
Comment from : Lyle Barnard

Mike Strat
Love 10 X machine. Hard to hit but when it does it's ausome. Great fun! Love all the mixtures of machines that you pick. Have a great day and remember you deserve to hit a huge jackpot! 😊😊 Mike
Comment from : Mike Strat

Tommy S
Yikes ... The Bachelor was super sour 😣😣 .. should of just played that 10x machine from the beginning hehe ... enjoyed your vid though Sarah
Comment from : Tommy S

Jeffrey Strom
Nice 3 reel hit..... I like that you enjoy a variety of machines just like I do :)
Comment from : Jeffrey Strom

Alabama Fan
Comment from : Alabama Fan

You're much prettier than any of those Bachelor contestant hands down . Sarah again you pull off a nice win in the2nd video. Nice!
Comment from : IO_Error

Jonathan Myers
Comment from : Jonathan Myers

dave Davey
They put that damn bachelor game right by the elevators and bathrooms so you lose money waiting for your significant other to either come down the elevator or come out of the bathroom!
Comment from : dave Davey

Anthony Chicalace
Love 10 times ! ❤️
Comment from : Anthony Chicalace

Savador Hernandez
good morning lady have some breakfast thanks for the video oxoxo
Comment from : Savador Hernandez

Can't believe that the Bachelor didn't give you any roses! But happy to see you win on 10X Pay.
Comment from : daver8521

Maria Perez
I still get up early,even though I'm retired from Work Sarah. Can't shake off a good habit of getting up early going to work when I used to. This time is 2 See You & the slots. Good morning 2 you too. Tiu Amiga Maria. ☺😊😎
Comment from : Maria Perez

Maria Perez
Yes it was awesome Sarah! Best of luck to You still All days, nights,24-7 & the Rest of Your Life Sarah!!! Till next time lucky lady Sarah. ☺😊😎
Comment from : Maria Perez

P Killa
"There are so many beautiful women here I'm optimistic I'll fall in love" LMAO bc that's what love is all about. That machine sucked! Not fun! Not fun! :)
Comment from : P Killa

TJ Bozwell
Do you ever sleep? I don't, that's why I watch your channel. Thanks for doing all different slots?
Comment from : TJ Bozwell

Lado Puti
WOOO.......Very first today....
Comment from : Lado Puti

Pawel Cholewa
Good luke $$$$
Comment from : Pawel Cholewa

🌹🤙🏼👌🏼❤️💞good luck sweet lady cool 😀🤙🏼

precious girl xx
nice win Sarah...x
Comment from : precious girl xx

Jeff Brown
When I play, I count breaking even as a win. Thanks for sharing, I've never played it but I think I'll steer clear of the bachelor!
Comment from : Jeff Brown

Rafie Martin
good morning Sarah. On my way back from the casino. I had a sour night but it was fun!
Comment from : Rafie Martin

Lone Wolf
Bachelor looked like a fun game but weak payouts. 10X pay was a nice hit and as always you were wise to play to 300. IGT would take it all back and then some if you kept going. Big win vibes sent. Keep being awesome rockstar ;) <3 <3 <3
Comment from : Lone Wolf

steve Kirkbride
Double nice 😉x
Comment from : steve Kirkbride

Adam Ludensky
Happy Dance!!! Nice comeback. Keep on smiling!
Comment from : Adam Ludensky

Do you ever play Blazing 777? It's one of my favorite games to win easy money. It's so easy to hit $200 to $300 instantly.
Comment from : DJ FMF

Abe Celino
Comment from : Abe Celino

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