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Gabe Popppy
BOOM BOOM BOOM i spend 2500$ to get a 2000$ Hand Pay! BOOM BOOM BOOM
Comment from : Gabe Popppy

Davis B
Did you come out even or in the hole
Comment from : Davis B

Vincent Messera
At 100 a spin I get nauseous 🤢.. I need to step my game up where loosing a G Means nada
Comment from : Vincent Messera

alissa seaman
Thousands or hundreds?
Comment from : alissa seaman

Daniel Goodson
These machines are transparent? I can actually see people moving behind it....not a reflection.
Comment from : Daniel Goodson

Jeffery Sargent
This game seems terrible. 20x your bet? How is that even close to fun. Guess it's like that 500 or nothing game
Comment from : Jeffery Sargent

Jackie Guidry
When you said you won $1,000 you actually won $100. The screen had 1 0 0 on it which is $100. At the end of the video when you said you won $2,000 you actually won $200. The screen was showing 2 0 0 on it. That's $200 but that is an awesome and fun game to play.
Comment from : Jackie Guidry

Robert B Rice
You just won a big jackpot you sure as f don't need any of your viewers money!
Comment from : Robert B Rice

Phillip Steve o
Love the intro but the green game is a hard one to me
Comment from : Phillip Steve o

Linda K
I've never seen this Win What You See machine before. Crazy fun🎰💰
Comment from : Linda K

Not the 3 reels I was anticipating but still very cool!
Comment from : OldSchoolSlots

Degenerate Gambler
When will you be in Atlantic City?
Comment from : Degenerate Gambler

Brian Miller
This game is horrendous
Comment from : Brian Miller

Taylor West
Win handpay... Only 10x pathetic...
Comment from : Taylor West

Justin Breedlove
U can just see hear that money being spent
Comment from : Justin Breedlove

A Poet's Corner
No one on the internet does it better than #Raja!! The Social Media King, & Slot machine Legend!!! 👑
Comment from : A Poet's Corner

CrIpPn TeXaS
Comment from : CrIpPn TeXaS

Jrod Texas
worse game ever!
Comment from : Jrod Texas

Patrick Barnwell
boom Boom BOOM 😎👍👍👍💣💣💣
Comment from : Patrick Barnwell

Phillip Jack
imagine betting 100 and getting excited over 2k.
Comment from : Phillip Jack

Tiffany Jones
Comment from : Tiffany Jones

Comment from : MALACHI VLOGS

michael walker
MoneyMichael13-🤑🤑🤑Nice fun game. The respin feature saved u @ the end. Getting exited for Reno, just around the corner now. #RAJA #TBJ #PATREONPRIDE
Comment from : michael walker

GLL_ Poppin
I was like number lucky 7 so please play some Panda slots next time. Good luck #TheSlotsFather
Comment from : GLL_ Poppin

Let’s Win Sports
Comment from : Let’s Win Sports

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